DIY Gear

Here are pictures of some of the custom DIY gear that Matt Lands has built for the studio.


A pair of Neve 1073 Mic Pre/EQ Clones

ez1073-6 ez1073-5 ez1073-4 ez1073-3 ez1073-11073 box

IndaMix Carnhill Fader

A set of Bourns 600 ohm T-Pad Attenuators with an optional 600:600 ohm Carnhill Transformer for color.

Fader-4 Fader-6 Fader-5 Fader-3 Fader-2 Fader-1

1176 Rev D Clones

A pair of 1176 Rev D clones with the stereo linking mod.


SB4001 Bus Compressor

A great SSL G-series style stereo bus compressor.

IMG_20111203_111134 IMG_20111203_111147 IMG_20111203_111206 IMG_20111203_111219 IMG_20111212_111525 IMG_20111212_111605

Classic 500 Series Racks and GroupDIY Power Supply

A pair of 11 space Classic VPR 500 Series Racks and a GroupDIY Dual VPR 500 Power Supply.

2014-06-16 IMG_20140616_022444 IMG_20140616_090728 IMG_20140616_090715 IMG_20140616_091041 IMG_20140616_091046


2 vintage API style mic pre amps with SL-2520 Red Dot Discrete Op Amps.


CAPI VC528 Missing Links

2 API style console channel with 2 EA 2623-1 transformers and 2 Gar2520 discrete Op Amps per channel

VC528-4 VC528-3 VC528-2 VC528-1

IndaMix Analog Summing Mixer

4 Stereo and 2 mono inputs passive summing mixer

Summing-3 Summing-2 Summing-1

Various Custom Guitar Pedals

Including distortion, compression, booster and reverb